Who are your saints?
29 October, 2020

There are supposed to be seven stages of grief; shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing & acceptance. Experts tell us these stages are not necessarily a linear process, nor is there a set time that we spend in each stage. The process of grief is as unique as each of us as people or the nature of the loss.

I’m thinking of these seven stages this week as I reflect on the people I’ve loved who have died over the years and the way I have reacted to the memory of their deaths – even many years later.

November is the month when the Church remembers our loved ones who have died. November 1st & 2nd are set aside as All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Don’t be confused by the title of saint. A saint is a person who has died and has led a life of service and love for others – a person who most definitely rests with God.

I’ve known quite a few saints in my life, some in my own family. It won’t take you long to recognise your own family’s saints. Light a candle for them this week.

May the souls of all our loved ones rest in peace. Amen.