We Remember
27 July, 2017


Do you have a special memento of a holiday, a loved one or an event?

Last week our Eucharist candidates gathered with their families in our church to begin the preparation for their First Communion or First Eucharist. The theme of the meetings was remembering.

We began the night by listening to the story of Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge who helps a lady to remember by bringing her objects. Each of the objects more than what they appear, as they bring alive special events for Miss Nancy.

All participants at the meetings were invited to look at objects that were shared and asked if any of these triggered off memories for them. They were also asked to speculate how these objects might be special to the person who owned them.

Fr Michael showed us the special objects we use during the Sacrament of Eucharist – the chalice, the paten, the bread and the wine. These sacred items help us to remember and connect with Jesus during the Mass.

Like the disciples in the story at the beginning of our newsletter, we say that Jesus is present for us in the Eucharist. Not locally present, but personally present. We pray that this during this time of preparation all of our candidates come to know Jesus more and more. We pray also that all of us (whatever our faith background) are enriched by the challenge of living Eucharistic lives, that is lives lived in the service of others.