Vinnies Tutoring
06 February, 2020

Vinnies Tutoring

Most families will be aware that St Vinnies have operated a tutoring program in our school over the past years. This program is due to recommence next week but is shifting to a Wednesday afternoon for 2020.

This service is completely free and is administered by Vinnies and staffed by a number of generous volunteers. While Vinnies have money and volunteers – one thing they are low on is students!

The focus this year will be on increasing reading proficiency through sharing stories, language experiences and games. The program will not just be for students who are low performing, but any student who would like some extra learning time after school.

The organisers are seeking another 10 students to keep tutoring viable at St Pius X. We certainly don’t want to lose this special partnership.

Parents of any children aged Yr 3 – Yr 6 are welcome to contact the office to access an enrolment form.