Social Justice. It Starts with Me!
16 November, 2017

We often speak of ‘social justice’ in our school, church and community. When we use this term we are speaking about the fair distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges. At school in the past 18 months we have been gradually introducing our students to the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching, inspired by the life teaching and person of Jesus:
Human Dignity ‘Everyone is special.’
The Common Good ‘We want what is best for everyone.’
Solidarity ‘We are part of one big family.’
Subsidiarity ‘Everyone should have a say.’
Participation ‘We should all have the opportunity to contribute.’
Stewardship ‘We are part of and should care for our environment.’
Preferential Treatment of the Poor ‘Some people need extra help.’

Today at school each class was asked to consider how one of these ideas might be
best lived out in our own school for the remainder of this year as we begin to
prepare for Christmas during Advent. While we often put the focus for mission and
social justice outside our school, the fair distribution of opportunities and privileges
in our classrooms and school is crucial and the responsibility of all of us, students,
teachers and parents.