Say NO to Violence
19 October, 2018

Friday October  19 all the students in our school paricipated in a Say NO to Violence Day. This day is a direct product of our participation with Respectful Relationships and the requirement of all schools to skill students in protective behaviours.

In the morning students were encouraged to walk to school from their nearest walking school bus stop .

The first learning session was around identifying violent behaviour and keeping safe. The mantra we ask all students to remember is ‘No-Go-Tell’, ensuring they understand that they need to reject the behaviour, get themselves to a safe place and tell a responsible adult.

The second learning session was multi-age and focussed on the ‘Zones of Regulation’. This model assists student in identifying zones of emotion that they will inevitably find themselves in during the course of the day:


  • Green Zone:


      • Happy
      • Calm


  • Blue Zone:


      • Sad
      • Tired
      • Bored
      • Sick


  • Yellow Zone:


      • Silly
      • Worried
      • Anxious


  • Red Zone:


    • Angry
    • Excited
    • Frightened

The idea is that students develop a ‘tool-box’ of personalised strategies that bring them back to the green zone.