Receiving God’s Love…from Mum
07 May, 2020


I once heard a lady say, you get to borrow your children for a short time. What she was essentially saying was that parents should cherish their children because they grow up so quickly.

In a way though, we’re all still kids to our mums. The love, advice and lessons we received from our mothers is probably as needed today whether  we are 5 or 50. 

We often speak of God’s love for us. This can sometimes be a trite or throwaway expression, but the reality is that we experience God  through loving relationships with others.

I think then, it’s true to say that the love we receive from our mums is sacred, a blessing. 

We especially remember mums who have died. While separated by death their love continues on in the lives of their children.

Let’s remember to count these blessings as we cherish our mums on Sunday.