Pillowcase Project
07 November, 2019

Pillowcase Project

MP1 and MP4 have recently been involved in the Pillowcase Project at the West Warrnambool Neighbourhood House. 

The Pillowcase Project was originally inspired by events during Hurricane Katrina in the USA. While evacuating campus, students of a local University used pillowcases to carry their cherished and basic possessions. After hearing this, the Red Cross staff developed the concept of using a pillowcase as an emergency kit. 

During  the workshop, children were encouraged to think about what they need to do to prepare for an emergency.  Each student decorated their own pillowcase to take home  to start their own personal emergency kit.  

Thanks to Jill, Rosalie, Trish and the West Warrnambool Neighbourhood House. MP2 and MP3 will be attending this value session in the coming weeks.