Lost and Found
12 September, 2019

Our family often sits down to watch a movie together, usually over the weekend. Recently we’ve had a run of tear jerkers including the film Lion.

Lion is the incredible true story of an Australian man who was born in India and after being separated from his family was adopted by a family in Tasmania. As an adult, and after an incredible search, he was reunited with his birth mother. I defy anyone to watch the film without at least a lump in their throat at the end of the film!

The story of Saroo is amazing in its scope, but the emotion of the connection between parent and child is universal.

It gives an extra layer of meaning to Sunday’s Gospel, in which Jesus tells the story of the Prodigal (lost) Son.

The son breaks his relationship with his family and is considered lost to them. He lives life on his own terms and eventually ends up with nothing. At the end of the story, he seeks to reunite and be forgiven by his family.

More than once, Jesus uses the metaphor of something lost – the son, a sheep, a coin as a way to communicate the feeling of a broken relationship.

Saroo’s experience of being lost was the result of childhood innocence rather than selfishness, but the break in relationship for both he and his mother was just as painful as the one in Jesus’ story and the element that connects these for me.

We all experience the loss of relationship with others from time to time. Jesus encourages us to seek and find these relationships again, ready to forgive and be forgiven.