Hope in the Face of Despair
26 March, 2020


What has stopped for you?

For some, the concerning answer to this question is employment. For others it may be a loss of sport or attendance at functions. I’m guessing everyone will be missing face to face social interactions.

I have real concerns about the long lasting impact on mental health in our community (locally and nationally) when we are cut off from one another. While technology may provide us with a substitute, we are robbed of the handshake, the hug or even attendance at the funeral of a loved one.

It is heartening however to hear and read about people reaching out to one another. A great article in The Age this week described how neighbours were responsibly keeping in contact with each other. An elderly Geelong resident and her young neighbours were exchanging letters and other special items from each other in the midst of social distancing.


There is a connection for me with the Gospel from this Sunday in which friends of Jesus have suffered the death of their brother Lazarus. 

In a highly symbolic story, Jesus restores Lazarus to life and to his family.

In this difficult time the challenge for us is to restore life to others when there are so many limitations on us. Maybe those Geelong neighbours can provide us with the inspiration for a life giving action – even if it is at a distance.