Hearing and Speaking Truth
13 February, 2020

Hearing and Speaking Truth

You might remember Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has become known for arguing for greater global attention to environmental issues.

She spoke at last year’s UN Climate Action Summit and became famous for her ‘How dare you…’ address to world leaders, who she claimed were ignoring science and also stalling on action to save the planet for future generations.

Almost immediately a number of leaders derided her as a child, mentally ill, poorly informed and manipulated.

For a number of leaders Greta’s protests fell on ‘deaf ears’.

Tomorrow’s Gospel for our school Mass is a famous healing story, where Jesus gives hearing and speech to a man born deaf and dumb.

Sometimes we modern readers miss the symbolism of these stories, but I’m sure you can spot that the man’s lack of hearing and speech are metaphors.

We can all be this man, either ignorant of truth and wisdom or not wanting to acknowledge it.

Without hearing truth and wisdom we fail to pass it on through our own words, attitudes and actions.

In the Gospel, the healing of the man grants him new understanding of Jesus’ Word which he quickly shares this Word with the whole community.

Christians believe that God’s Word is not just confined to the text in the Bible and can be discerned in the words, events and signs of the times we live in.

Prophets come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Perhaps we can all consider what might prevent us from hearing the Word, wherever it might be coming from.