Feast Day Fun!
22 August, 2019

Yesterday was our school feast day. We gathered in the morning for Mass led by Fr Michael and our Yr 5/6 students.  After first recess, all pods were involved in special St Pius X activities in classrooms.

Before second recess, there was the staff vs students basketball game. All the  students watched and  gave the game a finals like atmosphere. The game was played with high energy and the scores at  the end of regular time were even. The game then went to golden point (next score wins).  The students sealed the win with a 3 pointer in the dying seconds making for a thrilling finish. The dejected staff were left to ponder what could have been. Staff coach Kate Alexander was delighted with the performance of recruit Wil Fleming who was solid and surprise packet Gerard Blythe who confounded the student defence with his imaginative and unpredictable plays.   

After second recess, everyone gathered in the hall for our first school rehearsal of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat. Thanks to all who made is a great day!