Father of the Year
29 August, 2019

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we were delighted at the announcement that Jace Dufty (dad to Grace and Pippa) was announced as Warrnambool’s Father of the Year. Jace is the second dad from our school community to take out this honour, following in the footsteps of Danny McKenna two years ago.

Grace nominated her dad. Grace prepared a speech for the event which is published below:


You may be wondering how my dad got here when he doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands,

Well it’s simple really, he used the time that he had on our family,… he spends the time he has hanging with me and my family, bike riding,working and studying to be a nurse so that he can earn more money so that he doesn’t have to spend most nights away from us.

He wants to spend more time with us,I mean if I were him I’d want to spend more time with me too, I mean who wouldn’t? But enough about me already.

One of the things I mentioned on my poster was that my dad encourages me. He tells me to step outside my comfort zone and just have a go. To follow my dreams but work hard for them because they won’t come to me on their  own.

He helped me realise that I’m living a life most could only dream of.

 He’s there for me and he loves me like I love him. Some people say that miracles never happen it’s just work, chance and hope or whatever. But I have proof that they’re wrong because I got my dad didn’t I? I wouldn’t change my life for the world and that’s a fact.


Well done Grace. You have inspired us to make sure all our dads know how much they mean to us!