Excursion to Flagstaff Hill
10 October, 2019

Grade 1/2 Excursion 

The grade ones and twos had a wonderful excursion to Flagstaff Hill and Cheeseworld on Wednesday. The purpose of the visit was to immerse them in times gone by. They did this by finding special museum artifacts and experiencing ways of life.

At Flagstaff Hill the children experienced an olden days school lesson. During the school lesson the children dressed in old uniforms of smocks for girls and vests for the boys. They were invited to write their names on slate boards in cursive writing and to recite the times tables. They learnt that a classroom may have had up to 50 children with a range of ages. There were strict school rules for both students and teachers and if students broke these rules, they would be punished with a cane.

A wander around Flagstaff Hill showed the children the differences in some facets of home life and social games children used to play. At Cheeseworld we looked at artifacts of household items, communication and technology and toys.  It was a fantastic experience and will allow the children to now understand life through the generations.