Breaking the Chains of Poverty
22 March, 2018

Breaking the Chains of Poverty

We are often asked to consider the plight of asylum seekers placed in detention centres both on the Australian mainland and in offshore detention. Similarly we are often told of people in foreign countries held in prison for their political views.

In Palm Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus becomes a prisoner, held and punished unjustly because of things he has said and done. These words and actions were seen to be a challenge to religious and political leaders of the time.

The image of Jesus as a prisoner makes me consider the varied ways that people are imprisoned in our world.. One of the main ways is through poverty.

At the beginning of Lent, all families were invited to take part in Project Compassion as a way of almsgiving. The funds raised by Project Compassion will directly assist a community in the developing world to break the chains of poverty.

Project Compassion boxes can be returned to school next week.