2019 Yr 6 Graduation
12 December, 2019

2019 Yr 6 Graduation

On Sunday morning, as part of our 10.00am Parish Mass, our 2019 Yr 6s will graduate. While we are thrilled at the progress each of these young people have made in their years with us, we also know how much they will be missed in the new year. The qualities and talents that our 2019 students have shared with our school will not be forgotten. They have set a high standard for the leaders of 2020.


Congratulations to:



Emily Blain

Nick Bryce

Aliza Gurney

Ben Hansford

Olivia Lenehan

Reilly O’Brien

Hamish Rogers

Jada Shand

Spencer Wilde



Daisy Boulton

Tyi Brown

Ella Goodall

Wil Hasell

Kira O’Shannassy

Elka Rafferty

Max Uebergang

Pat van de Camp

Matilda Woodward



Tayah Brown

Oscar Cooke

Maya Graham

Amelia Hatherall

Louis James

Angus Laxton

Tully Matheson

Emily Rankin

Lockie Sharples



Jack Couch

Lucy-Anne Giblin

Marli Gleeson

Harry Gracie

Fergus McLean

Sam O’Connor

Georgie Pickering

Bella Van Bruggen


Mass begins at 10.00am, but we ask that families are seated at least 10 minutes before Mass commences.

Students are asked to wear casual clothes that they feel comfortable in, however students should avoid wearing singlets or ripped clothing.


Thanks to those families who have finalised extra payments for the luncheon. We ask any families who have not paid for this to do so tomorrow at the admin office.